How it started

Jacinto Oliveira is the name behind J-UNK. In 2019, after the brand where he usually bought most of his shoes closed and realized the alternatives in the market were not fully satisfying him, he saw a business opportunity.

Together with Shoelutions he looked for a strong identity, with an emotional connection that made sense.


The concept

Born from the union of the “punk” style with the “hipster”, we want to join a more careful, aesthetic and perfect side that characterizes the “hipster” with a more irreverent side, linked to music and full of sex appeal that characterizes “punk” .

The London creative spirit is very present, and that lead us to get contemporary products with a bold design.

J-DERBY BOOT grey1-cópia

The hoses

We thought in some materials fireman usually throw in the garbage and then the idea of reusing the damaged fire hoses came up.

We created a handle made of fire hoses in every shoe we make, acquiring a more aesthetic and functional side and we managed to incorporate 15% of recycled fire hoses on each pair of soles.


Social cause

We believe every company has a social role in the community. J-UNK founder is a firefighter since he was 14 years old and that connection made it obvious what cause we wanted to support.

Each pair we sell contributes to help humanitarian associations of volunteer firefighters. 

Forest fire on the outskirts of Guimarães, northern Portugal, firefighters working in the aftermath