Brand and values

The name is a pun on Punk. The “J” is also associated with the name of the founder of the Jacinto brand. It also means the brand’s concern with the sustainability and the reuse of what was supposed to be garbage (junk), in this case the damaged fire hoses.

They are entirely manufactured in Portugal and our main suppliers are located within a radius of 10 km. Also they are companies who share our values of integrity, transparency and responsible manufacturing.

For each pair we sold, we make a donation to help volunteer firefighters’ humanitarian associations. And for every meter of damaged hose that them supply us, we also make a donation.
On average, for each pair sold, around 20€ are donated to help humanitarian associations of volunteer firefighters.

One of the key points is exactly our slogan “Buy Less, but better”: Create products that are more durable allow our costumers to buy less and by doing that we will have a more sustainable management of resources.
However, we do not limit this concept to buying less, we also defend respect for workers and human rights and, therefore, we choose suppliers and partners with ethical values similar to ours. We also take environmental measures like choosing materials with a more responsible, sustainable and ecological manufacture.

For us, fashion is a form of expression and identity for each person. Assigning a gender to a product is to limit freedom of expression and identity.


In terms of style, our shoes combine the union between “punk” and “hipster”. The idea was to bring together a more careful, aesthetic and perfect side that characterizes the “hipster” with a more irreverent side, connected to music and full of “sex appeal” that characterizes “punk” . London’s creative spirit is very present, and this brings products contemporary with a bold design. But the originality of the models and the personal touch lies in the reuse of damaged fire hoses.
In a broader concept, J-UNK footwear translates into a combination of values, what we call the triangle of virtues, where environmental, social and ethical values are materialized in the same product, contributing to a more sustainable consumption.

Like any product, its durability depends on the use and conservation that each customer gives to them. However, we can say that each shoe is manufactured with high quality materials that give a high durability and a natural, slow and gradual ageing. To further increase this natural durability, we are also available to repair shoes for customers who wish to extend the life of their shoes.

All models have an aesthetic and functional handle made of damaged fire hoses. Also some of the soles haves incorporate into the rubber 15% of recycled damaged fire hoses.

In the exterior, we use vegetable tanned leather, a leather whose tanning process is more sustainable and ecological and that allies advantages in terms of health and comfort of the feet. The lining is made with BioLeather, a material that is 100% biodegradable in just 15 days. Our laces are made of cotton and the insoles with natural leather. Most of them are supplied with two anatomical insoles to fit all feet.

Vegetable tanned leather uses a method of tanning called “vegetable” because of the natural tannins used in the tanning process like tree barks, leafes or roots. This is one of the oldest methods of tanning known, but nowadays, less than 10% of the world’s leather is tanned with this method. It’s a more sustainable method, brings health benefits to the user and guarantees a high durability of the product while giving it uniqueness.

All our models are available from 35 to 45 (EU size).


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We recommend you to order your regular size. If you have doubt between two sizes chose the higher one. For a more accurate decision you can download our size guide at: https://www.j-unk.com/size-guide/.

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Yes, you can make exchanges up to 30 days or returns up to 15 days.