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The message of our slogan “Buy Less, but better”, is direct and aims at slow fashion. If we buy quality products with high durability, we don’t need to buy so often and the environment wins.

What is slow fashion?

Part of the “slow movement”, slow fashion is a concept that defends the respect for people, animals and nature in the production of fashion industry goods and aims for a sustainable world.

Principles of slow fashion


Reduce the impact of fashion production in the environment.

We recycle damaged fire hoses and use it on our shoes.

We use mostly local suppliers, reducing the environmental impact of transporting materials.

We choose materials with production methods that are more ecological like the vegetable tanned leather.


Respect the workers and the human rights.

We maintain a close and personal relationship with small family factories, companies that share our values ​​of fairness and respect for their workers.


Slowing down the consumption rate.

We create shoes to last, we choose materials with longer longevity.

We prefer traditional methods as the vegetable tanned leather or the Blake welt system.

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