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We have social, environmental and ethical values​
All models have in common the use of recycled material from damaged firefighters’ hoses.
In addition to the ecological side, they also have a social side with donations to fire brigades.

We only use leather that are a natural by-product of the food industry and all leather we use is vegetable tanned leather. This method uses plant extracts, requires a lot of expertise and is more ecological as it does not use any heavy metal.

The message of our slogan “Buy Less, but better”, is direct and aims at slow fashion.
If we buy quality products with high durability, we don’t need to buy so often and the environment wins.
All models and all colors are to be used by everyone, they are genderless models.
The aim? Break stereotypes and open up mindsets.
We believe fashion is increasingly genderless.
Handcrafted in Portugal, there is a close and personal relationship with raw material suppliers and small family factories, who share our values of integrity, transparency and responsible manufacturing.

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