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Vegetable tanned


We only use leathers that are a natural by-product of the food industry and all leathers we use are vegetable tanned leather. This method uses plant extracts, requires a lot of expertise and is more ecological as it does not use any heavy metal.

Vegetable tanned leather uses a method of tanning called “vegetable” because of the natural tannins used in the tanning process like tree barks, leafes or roots.

This is one of the oldest methods of tanning known, but nowadays, less than 10% of the world’s leather is tanned with this method.

Why do we prefer to use vegetable tanned leather?

Because it’s a much more sustainable method:

Also, transfer properties to the leather which brings health benefits to the user:


And last but not least, this method guarantees a high durability of the product while giving it uniqueness.

Products made with vegetable tanned leather do not age, they “mature”. The original color of the product will naturally darken over time, giving it personality without compromising its characteristics.

There is no wear and tear, we see some changes in the product over time, it gains some marks, changes its tones, acquires a more vintage and a more personal look.

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